DES Algorithm Teacher use animation to help you to understand how the DES algorithm work to encrypt data.

Version 1.1

Enjoy with animation learning

  • The animation provides a good overview.
  • Cover all the encryption phases.
  • Explain the phases step by step.
  • Explain each function separately.
  • Full example helps more to understand the algorithm
  • Easy to use.

Cover all the encryption phases

  • Algorithm
  • Permutation
  • Permutation/Expansion
  • Permutation / Contraction
  • Xor
  • Substitution
  • Left Shift
  • Full Example


  • General Algorithm: Shows the overall scheme for DES encryption.
  • Single Round Algorithm: Shows the internal structure of a single round.
  • Full Algorithm: Shows the entire scheme for DES encryption. 

Full Example

There is a full example that explain how the S-DES algorithm work step by step. And it is cover all phases and functions for key generation (Permuted 1 , Left shift(s) , Permutation/contraction ) and for plaintext processing   (Initial permutation ,Expansion/permutation , XOR , Substitution/choice (S-box) , Permutation , XOR, final swap , Inverse initial permutation)